Writers' Workshop for ARCH 531 / McGill University / School of Architecture / Fall 2012

Paper Outline Announcement

This is a reminder that your paper outline is due as a printed document in class next week, Thursday, 18 October, 2012.

While the paper topic is of your choosing it should be generally aligned with the architectural ideas or treatises discussed in class.  Topics may also relate to the material covered in future weeks.

For this outline you should briefly define your question/s and outline your approach in several paragraphs.  You must identify a preliminary bibliography of primary sources, preferably of works available to you in Montréal, and of secondary sources.  Please use a standard format.

At the end of this document please list the time and days of the week that you will be in class during Week 8 (22-26 October) so that I can schedule office hours when everyone is available for individual discussions of these outlines.

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